TBScouts Showcase Team

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The purpose of the TBScouts Showcase Team is to give select players (who are looking for more exposure) the opportunity to compete in local tournaments on weekends when their primary AAU teams are not playing. The team roster will be updated with each tournament, and it will change depending on the players that have been selected.

Cones or 5v5?

Would you prefer to train with cones… or would you prefer to train by actually playing 5-on-5 basketball with other competitive players in an organized, tournament environment with officials, clocks, etc.? The TBScouts Showcase Team was created to help players with the “Kobe Mentality” get more training time and game playing opportunities during downtimes with their primary AAU teams. Why sit at home doing nothing on off-weekends when you could be playing in local tournaments to get more practice?

Want to Play?

If you are interested in playing on the next TBScouts Showcase Team for upcoming tournaments, please fill out the form below.


Contact Boris Davis by calling (210) 875-1359 or sending an email to boris@tbscouts.com today.