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Monthly Supplement Package

Most high school players need to gain weight, build muscle and get in better shape if they want to play college basketball. Adding another 10-20 pounds of muscle to any athletes’ body will make a noticeable difference and help them perform better. To help address this need, we have partnered with a network of local nutritionists to offer a monthly supplement package that is hand-picked and custom-tailored for high school student-athletes.

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What you get (Monthly supply):

  1. Daily multi-vitamin
  2. Daily joint support & recovery
  3. Pre-workout
  4. Amino Acids (Workout & games)
  5. Protein shakes (Weight gain & muscle building)
  6. Meal plan (Grocery list & personal advice)
  7. Access to a network of nutritionists and sports professionals

Everything is:

  1. Safe.
  2. No banned substances.
  3. Made for student-athletes.

Monthly Investment:

  • $250/month (local delivery)
  • $275/month (shipped)

Order Form:

If you would like to place an order, please complete the form below and submit your payment. Once we receive your order, we will follow-up with a phone call to discuss shipping/delivery information.

Payment Info:

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