UC Exposure CTX Camp – Scouting Report & Videos (Download Pack)


This download package includes the complete 5v5 game film, 32 individual player highlight videos, game stats and Russell “Coach V” Vanlandingham’s detailed scouting report covering his “Top Prospects” from the Uncommon Basketball UC Exposure Central Texas “Gain Interest” camp from September 19, 2021 hosted at the Central Texas Fieldhouse in Buda, TX.


What’s Included:

    • Full game film from the 5v5 portion of the camp. (1 hour 15 mins)
    • Combined highlights of all the OFFENSIVE plays from the game film. (13 mins)
    • Combined highlights of all the DEFENSIVE plays from the game film. (13 mins)
    • 32 Individual player highlight videos, with stats, from the game film.
    • Detailed stats sheet covering every player.
    • A comprehensive, in-depth scouting report from Russell “Coach V” Vanlandingham covering his personally selected “Top Prospects” from the camp.
    • Roster with player information.

After you have made your purchase, feel free to re-use the videos any way that you see fit.

    • Download and make your own edits.
    • Repost and share, etc.
    • Send to other coaches.

Featured Players with Highlight Videos:

    • Jesse Peart
    • CJ Evans
    • Eric Brown Jr.
    • Kevin Garcia
    • Xavier Martinez
    • Dezmon Dudley
    • Isaiah Salazar
    • Terrell Palmer
    • Tariq Muhammad
    • Antwone Gonzalez
    • Bryson Monroe
    • Erik Villarreal
    • Aaron Harden
    • Brandon Mancillas
    • Christian Kinzler
    • Aaron Goodman
    • Jai Shaun Upton
    • John Jones
    • Breylen Plummer
    • Caiden Wright
    • Payton Reimer
    • Geoffrey Maldonado
    • Nate Garcia
    • Jadyn Smith
    • Kaleb Fairconnetue
    • Jayveen Adams
    • Isaac Spreen
    • Cade Kittrell
    • Ryan Swanson
    • Mason Emerson
    • Julian Creasey
    • Matthew Turner

Uncommon Basketball – UC Exposure CTX Camp Preview:

Sample Highlight Videos: