Scouting Report: Stand-out players from the Alamo City Hoops Summer Hoopsfest

I had the pleasure of attending the Alamo City Hoops “Summer Hoopsfest” basketball tournament over the weekend (July 15-16, 2023) and several players stood out above the rest. This scouting report will recap the event and shine some light on the players that caught my attention.

Elijah Baldwin

Height: 6’6+

Club Team: SA Legends (#32)

School: John Jay High School (San Antonio, TX)

Class: 2024

Elijah was one of my favorite players to watch this weekend. He was probably one of the best college prospects in the gym because of his college-ready body and the way he performed against tough competition this weekend. Elijah had several notable plays during the tournament, but my favorite plays were when he would take to ball coast-to-coast and end with a slam through traffic. Elijah can easily dunk the ball off a drop step, making him a threat in the paint. Elijah keeps the ball up high when attacking the basket, making it tough for defenders to get in his way. Elijah not only scores, but he is a huge help on the defensive end as well. He is a rim-protector, and a rebounder. Elijah had a game with over 20+ rebounds. His offensive rebounding ability allowed him to get multiple putbacks. Elijah is learning how to use his body under the rim to create space to get off easy shots, layups and dunks. He is an efficient scorer because he plays so close to rim. Lastly, Elijah puts up a huge wall on the defensive end when he stretches his arms and jumps straight up. Many of his opponents struggled getting good shots off when Elijah puts up his defensive wall.

Marcus Williams

Club Team: SA Legends (#1)

School: Taft High School (San Antonio, TX)

Class: 2024

Marcus was another player that was fun to watch at the event. He is a true PG that can take it to the rim and score multiple ways. He can really handle the ball and score through contact. Marcus is a real smooth, quick guard with a slick Euro-step that can slip through the defense with ease. He can shoot the ball, has a good touch, and he can change pace to finish with finesse at the rim.

Jordan Thomas

Club Team: SA Legends (#3)

School: Roosevelt High School (San Antonio, TX)

Class: 2025

Marcus had a good performance this tournament. He can get a bucket and score whenever you need him to. He is not afraid to take control and drive the ball when he needs to. He has a nice layup package and does a great job being a team player to help his team win.

Chad Lawrence

Club Team: SA Legends (#24)

School: Steele High School (San Antonio, TX)

Class: 2024

Chad has good size for his position. The way he plays defense is what caught my attention. He gets real low on defense and stretches his arms, making it tough for defenders to get through his web. Chad can also get to the basket and score when you need him to. His size, and solid frame allows him to score inside the paint.

John Jackson

Club Team: Drive Nation SA (#1)

School: Seguin High School (Seguin, TX)

Class: 2024

John a dual sport athlete (basketball & football) which makes him one of toughest, pound-for-pound guards for his class. His solid frame allows him to matchup against taller players with ease. As a guard, John plays fearless. He can easily drive to the basket, but he also likes to shoot the three-ball. He has good hang-time, and plays at the rim getting putbacks and offensive boards. One of John’s strengths is that he has the ability to drive through tough contact and still get his shot off, often getting the and-1 call. He also knocks down his free throws.

Josiah McDonald

Height: 6’0

Club Team: Drive Nation SA (#13)

School: Southwest High School (San Antonio, TX)

Class: 2024

Josiah was one of the top guards in the gym this weekend… without a doubt. He was also one of the most entertaining players to watch. Josiah can drive through multiple defenders from the top of the key and finish with a posterizing slam with ease. He has a good euro-step and knows how to draw the foul, while always getting off good contested shots or layups. Josiah can be a leading scorer for any team if needed.

Solomon Alexander

Club Team: Drive Nation SA (#0)

School: Bandera High School

Class: 2024

Solomon is a player that makes him whole team better. He plays great defense, which led to him getting multiple steals each game. Although Solomon makes stat-worthy assists each game, he also likes to shoot the three-ball with finesse. He has a nice step-back shot and a nice cross-over with the handles.

Amare Guerra

Club Team: San Antonio Premier (#30)

School: Holmes High School (San Antonio, TX)

Class: 2026

Amare is a floor general with a pass-first mentality, but he will drive the ball if he sees the opening. He is one of the most crafty players with the ball I have seen. He can bring the ball down court no matter how many people are trying to defend him. Amare knows how to move the ball and find the open man, giving them good, clean shots. Amare is a true PG with good court vision. A couple of Amare’s strengths is that he is extremely quick and tough. He has no problem driving to the basket against opponents bigger than him because he knows how to use his body and has a good feel around the rim. Amare gets off tough shots… that often go in. Looking forward to see how Amare develops over the next few years.

Briggs Jones

Height: 6’3+

Club Team: San Antonio Premier (#8)

Class: 2024

Briggs is another highly-athletic player that is fun to watch. He has a long frame and can play at the rim. He is also a consistent scorer who adds significant points to the scoreboard. Briggs is a starting five type of player.

Isaiah Cardona

Height: 6’1

Club Team: San Antonio Premier (#33)

School: Brackenridge High School (San Antonio, TX)

Nate Guevara

Height: 6’5

Club Team: San Antonio Premier (#21)

Julian Barron

Height: 6’7

Club Team: HD Toros Elite (#14)

School: O’Connor High School (San Antonio, TX)

Julian was one of biggest and strongest players in the gym this weekend. Standing at 6’7+ he has a solid build that is college-ready. He is a beast at rebounding the ball defensively and offensively, often getting the putback through contact. Julian is a solid big who is a force in the paint.

Xavier Rendon

Height: 6’5

Club Team: HD Toros Elite

School: Pearsall High School

Class: 2025

Xavier is one of the most explosive players to watch. If he sees the opportunity to drive the ball, he will change the pace and attack the rim from above. His vertical ability is unbelievable. Xavier is another one of those players that you can always count on to add points for the team. He can shoot the outside shot but he dunks the ball in way that is hard to forget. Another one of Xavier’s strengths is the way he plays defense. He has a long wing-span and when he gets low to play defense, he makes it hard for his opponents to get the ball past him. Xavier gets multiple steals a game, which lead to fast-break opportunities and easy buckets.

Drew Christian

Club Team: HD Toros Elite (#8)

Drew is guard that has consistently improved over the years and increased his overall size as well.

James Livingston

Height: 6’0

Club Team: SA ProSkills (#2)

School: Cole High School (San Antonio, TX)

Randy Marshall

Height: 6’6

Club Team: SA ProSkills (#14)

School: Cole High School (San Antonio, TX)

Sean Whelan

Height: 6’3

Club Team: SA ProSkills (#32)

Jaydon James

Height: 6’2

Club Team: SA ProSkills (#5)

Amarie Haywood

Height: 6’3

Club Teams: J-UNO Elite (#4) & ATX Just Hoop

School: Rouse High School

Dual-Sport Athlete (Basketball & Football)