Scouting Report: Brennan vs. O'Connor

Scouting Report: Brennan vs. O’Connor

The Brennan Bears came out victorious in their latest game against O’Connor high school on Thursday, December 22, 2022. Both teams have solid rosters, but Brennan has a much deeper roster that easily held control of the game… The player of the game goes to Kingston Flemings (Brennan c/o 2025), hands down, after his 27-point performance (unofficial). Kingston was highly efficient with his scoring and it just seemed like he couldn’t miss at times. The 2025 guard showed his versatile scoring ability by hitting three pointers and even getting a couple dunks during the game.

Player Highlights

Kingston Flemings 6’3, Brennan c/o 2025

Robert Jackson 6’7, Brennan c/o 2023

Daniel Edeni 6’3, O’Connor c/o 2023

Julian Barron 6’7, O’Connor c/o 2024