Basketball Recruiting Video Strategies

The Importance of Video

Video plays a huge role in the recruiting process these days. College coaches can’t make it out to every high school game, so they rely on video to help them with the recruiting process. Having a simple recruiting video strategy can help players get more exposure and stay in touch with college coaches throughout the season.

Types of Videos

There are two types of videos that college coaches ask for:

  • Highlight Videos
  • Full Game Film

Highlight videos are useful for showing a summary of what a player can do, and the full game film shows how a player performs throughout the entire game. Full game film shows intangibles like a player’s motor, body language, scoring consistency, court vision, defensive abilities, etc.

Video Editing Service

If you don’t have the time to create highlight videos, we can do it for you. The process is simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Record the full game
  2. Upload the game film to YouTube
  3. Send us the YouTube link to the video

We can create highlight videos from any videos that are already uploaded to YouTube so just send us the link and we’ll get to work. The typical turnaround time for highlight videos is 1-2 days. Contact us to place an order.

Need More Recruiting Help?

Check out the recruiting package if you need an extra boost with recruiting.

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