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Common expenses for the typical basketball family

Are you a “Basketball Mom” or Dad? If so, then you know that basketball can become expensive if you don’t plan ahead. We created this list of common basketball expenses to help families better prepare themselves for the large investment of time and money it will take for their kids to make it to the various levels in this sport. Keep in mind, if the end goal is to get an athletic scholarship, then we believe it’s well worth the investment.

Here is our list of typical basketball expenses.

Basketball ShoesThere will always be expenses for basketball shoes.
High School Team FeesSometimes schools will charge team fees and/or hold fundraisers to help raise money for the team. Most schools also charge a fee at the gate to attend games.
AAU/Club Team FeesIf your child decides to play club basketball in the summer, there will most likely be monthly or seasonal fees to play for each organization.
Tournament FeesEvery weekend that you attend basketball tournaments there will be fees ranging from parking fees, gate entry fees, concessions, etc.
Camp FeesPlayer development and/or exposure camps provide good opportunities for players, but they often come with fees ranging from registration fees, video fees, gate entry fees, etc.
Travel FeesIf you play for a team that travels to different cities, and states, to compete in tournaments then you will have to consider travel expenses such as plane tickets, rental cars, gas, hotels, food, etc.
Training FeesMost serious athletes work out with basketball skills trainers, personal trainers, coaches, etc. and each professional has their going rate to work with them.
Recovery FeesSometimes athletes will need to use chiropractors, massage therapists, cryotherapy, etc. to help their bodies recover faster.
Diet/Supplement FeesEating clean and having all the latest supplements (protein, pre-workout, amino acids, vitamins, etc.) is not cheap. Be prepared to spend some cash if you want to add supplements to your regimen.
Recruiting Service FeesOnce athletes get to high school, families will start to get approached by recruiting service companies offering to help provide exposure for athletes. It’s just important to make sure you know what you’re paying for.
Video/Photography FeesThere will always be a need for video and photography services to help athletes get the exposure they need to get recruited. Every media outlet charges differently for services such as photography, recording games and/or making highlight videos.
Subscription FeesMany apps and websites offer information or services for a monthly fee. Many basketball news/recruiting websites charge a monthly or annual fee to have access to their content and articles.
Gym rental feesBe prepared to pay for gym rental fees ranging anywhere from $35/hr – $60/hr if you want to play indoors on the hardwood.
Tryout FeesSome organizations charge fees to tryout for a spot to make the team.
College VisitsSchools often pay for “official” visits, but “unofficial” visits to the campus usually comes out of pocket. (Contact us for more info about official visits vs. unofficial visits)
Equipment FeesTypical equipment costs include jerseys, basketballs, training equipment, etc.

This list doesn’t include every possible expense might you could expect to pay, but it does create a little awareness about what’s involved with a career in basketball.

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