Peter Trent: Game Film and Scouting Report (7/27/2019)

Highlights of Peter Trent (6’3″ – 170 lbs.) from the Baseline Sports Inc. International Scrimmage on July 27, 2019.

Highlight Video

Scouting Report

Peter Trent is 6’3″ all-around combo guard that plays with high intensity. He has an athletic build, and has great endurance. He has great off-ball movement (offense & defense) and he knows how to get past his defenders to create space and find the open shot. Peter is a vocal play-maker that has a passer’s mentality. He keeps his team involved the whole game and he knows when he should attack the basket or kick the ball out for the assist. One of Peter’s strengths is his shooting ability. He is a good shooter from mid to three point range and he has a quick release. When it comes to defense, Peter has a good wingspan for his size and knows how to use his arms to get in the way of his defenders and contest their shots. Peter also has tremendous work ethic. He is consistently participating in workouts, scrimmages and tryouts to improve his playing ability, get discovered and earn an opportunity to play professionally. Peter is hungry for the game and he is a coachable player which makes him a great prospect for any team looking for a guard they can mold to fit the team.