Al Francis: Game Film and Scouting Report (7/27/2019)

Highlights of Al Francis (6’3″ PG-SG) from the Baseline Sports Inc. International Scrimmage on July 27, 2019.

Scrimmage Game Film

Scouting Report

Al Francis is a hard working player that consistently performs at every game. The last time we saw Al perform was back in March for a different Baseline Sports event, and he managed to do even better this time around. Al plays the point guard position well and he is a two way player. He has great court vision and he does an excellent job reading the defense to find the open man. Al is also a scoring threat and he is not afraid to drive the ball to the basket. He has great handles and a silky smooth shot. He is a team player and you can count on him to get buckets no matter what size his defender is. He is shifty with the ball, can stop on a dime and shoot off the dribble. Al would make a great PG for any team that is looking for a true floor general that does a great job passing the ball, making plays and being an efficient scorer.


  • Excellent Shooter
  • Great Court-Vision
  • Great Ball-Handler That Keeps Defenders on Their Toes
  • Very Active on Both Ends of the Court
  • Aggressive Defender