VertiMax Training Equipment Alternatives (DIY)

VertiMax training & equipment is gaining popularity these days. Resistance band training definitely has its benefits and helps players increase their vertical jump, speed & agility but the only drawback to VertiMax training is that the equipment can be expensive ($3,495 – $4,595).

VertiMax 2

The purpose of this article is to show athletes & parents (that are on a budget) some simple DIY alternatives they can use to get VertiMax like training for a fraction of the cost.

Click the links below to see cost-saving alternatives that are available for purchase on Amazon.

*Click the images below for pricing information*

All of the products listed below cost between $20 – $60 for the entire set!

SKLZ HOPZ Vertical Jump Trainer

*Click on the images below to learn more about the cost & availability of each product.*

PER4M: Jump Trainer

(Click image to order.)

Elite Supplies: 11 Piece Speed, Agility, Strength Resistance Bands

FIGROL: Basketball Jump Trainer

(Click image to order.)

HoopsKing: Lockdown Defender Resistance Bands

XCELER8 Athletics: DYNAMAX Trainer Resistance Bands

HoopsKing: Basketball Resistance Bands

TOCO FREIDO: Vertical Jump Trainer

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