VertiMax Training Equipment Alternatives (DIY)

VertiMax training & equipment is becoming a buzz-word these days. Resistance band training definitely has its benefits and helps players increase their vertical jump, speed & agility, but the only drawback to VertiMax training is that the equipment is expensive ($3,495 – $4,595) and training costs can start to add up over time.

VertiMax 2

The purpose of this article is to show athletes & parents, that are on a budget, some simple DIY alternatives they can use to get VertiMax like training for a fraction of the cost.

Click the links below to see cost-saving alternatives that are available for purchase on Amazon.

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All of the products listed below cost between $20 – $60 for the entire set!

SKLZ HOPZ Vertical Jump Trainer

*Click on the images below to learn more about the cost & availability of each product.*

PER4M: Jump Trainer

(Click image to order.)

Elite Supplies: 11 Piece Speed, Agility, Strength Resistance Bands

FIGROL: Basketball Jump Trainer

(Click image to order.)

HoopsKing: Lockdown Defender Resistance Bands

XCELER8 Athletics: DYNAMAX Trainer Resistance Bands

HoopsKing: Basketball Resistance Bands

TOCO FREIDO: Vertical Jump Trainer

Why not invest in some training equipment that can be used whenever you want, and in the comfort of your own home? No more expensive training sessions, or costly equipment!

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