The SA Premier 8th & 9th Grade Teams were on Fire at the Regional Championships

The SA Premier 2022 and 2021 teams both played in the 9th grade division last weekend at the Excel Regional Championships and they both managed to make it all the way to the final four in their division!

The main highlight of the tournament was the rivalry match between SA Premier 2022 and the SA Fire as they both faced off against each other to earn a seat at the final four table. The SA Premier 2022 demonstrated their true grit by defeating the SA Fire with a final score of 36-39 in a suspenseful, comeback performance that advanced them to the next round. The match-up started off tough for Premier as they were down 26-11 at the half, but while the other team may have gotten a little too excited, a little too early, the SA Premier held their heads high at half-time. When the SA Premier started the second half, a fire had been lit and the boys came out with a bang! The SA Premier knew that losing wasn’t an option, so they played some outstanding defense against their competitors, and as a result only let the SA Fire score 10 points in the second half! After being down by as many as 15 points at the half, the SA Premier kicked it into overdrive and came back to defeat the SA Fire by 3 points at the end. This was a victory for SA Premier 2022, and that win allowed them to advance to the final four.

To put things into perspective, two of the final four teams in the 9th grade division were part of the SA Premier family! Had both teams won their initial match-ups in the final four bracket, they would have had to play each other (Premier 2022 vs. Premier 2021) for the championship. This is a testament that speaks to the quality of coaching the 8th and 9th grade boys receive from their leaders, Coach Chance and Coach Bones, on a weekly basis. These coaches are passionate about their teams and they put in a ton of work to help their boys become successful when it’s game time. The 8th grade team has been putting in countless hours to get better this year and they played up a division this tournament to help them prepare for their intense travel schedule.

Visit their Facebook page to watch some highlights:

The SA Premier organization has done a great job this year traveling to compete in various tournaments.  Their teams continue to improve, and they have started making a name for themselves. The coaching staff is dedicated to developing their athletes, and they strive to make SA Premier a household name. This team always makes San Antonio proud, and they do a great job representing their city wherever they go. Keep up the great work team, and we look forward to seeing all the great things this organization has in store for the future.

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