Cibolo Bulls Junior Varsity Basketball Team

The Cibolo Bulls JV basketball team is getting stronger and stronger by the day! Check out this highlight video of the JV squad pulling off the W in a tough tournament game on Sat. Sept. 30, 2017.

This game started off kind of rough for the Bulls but they dug deep and had a great comeback victory with a 57-53 win over team TOC! The Bulls had to play tough defense to keep their opponents at bay and they executed multiple plays throughout the game which demonstrated their ability to work together as a team.

Cibolo Bulls JV Game Huddle

Under the leadership of Coach Randal, the Cibolo Bulls JV team was operating at full capacity. Coach Randal was focused on using each players’ strength to help the team function as a whole.



Cibolo Bulls Junior Varsity Squad Post-game Photo



Game Photos

Keep up the great work, Cibolo Bulls! We look forward to seeing this team continue to develop.