Hardwork 2021 Basketball Highlight Video from the ACA Sportsplex Fire Sale

Check out this highlight video of Hardwork 2021’s victory over the San Angelo Outlaws at the Fire Sale basketball tournament on July 8, 2017 at the ACA Sportsplex:

The Hardwork 2021 played up a level in this tournament by competing in the varsity division. These youngsters brought their A-game, and they won their first game of the tournament with a 64 to 36 win over the San Angelo Outlaws. The Outlaws played well, but Hardwork was a little too much to handle.

hardwork vs outlaws

The Hardwork 2021 squad has a very strong roster, but here are our picks for stand-out players of the game:

TBScouts MVP: Kajion Thornton #0

Kajion Thornton

Kajion Thornton – Class of 2021

Kajion plays with heart and you can’t help but notice his skills when you see him play among the crowd. He definitely stands out with his quick bursts to get the fast-break, rebounds and quick drives to the basket.

TBScouts Big-Man of the Game: Langston Love #4

Langston Love

Langston Love – Class of 2021

Langston is a big player that can handle the ball and he demonstrates leadership on the court by directing traffic. He helped his team set-up several plays during this game, and he made several three-pointers (that he made look easy).

TBScouts Defender of the Game: Chance Felix #32

Chance Felix

Chance Felix – Class of 2021

Chance knows how to hustle for the basketball. As soon as the game started, he was running 110%, and somehow he was able to keep that up for the entire game! He carried his weight playing defense for his team, and he scored a handful of buckets in the post. Chance is a good sport, and he knows how to focus when it’s game-time.

Game Photos:

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